Attitude of Gratitude – What are You Thankful for?

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The true power of putting good things out and receiving good things are created in the space of  gratitude.

The gratitude attitude sends a message to the universe that you are grateful for what you have and opens you up to receive more. Each time you shine your light the more the light Read more

Attitude of Gratitude – How to Be Grateful during the Bad Times?

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Finding solitude in self and peace within starts when you can find goodness in the bad times. It is sometimes the greatest challenge but can be the most effective in finding solitude. Every life occurrence offers a leason – find the lesson and appreciate it coming your way. Find the gold in Read more

Love is Just a 4-Letter Word or Is It?

Love is an intricate part of relationship. The power of love is infectious and incredibly exciting if you know how to access it and keep it alive.

Listen in as Relationship Coach, Lisa Thomas and Diannia Baty  delve into the world of relationships. How do you truly love another? How do you love Read more