Take off those Golden Handcuffs–Michelle Gethers Clark

It was a busy afternoon when I had an opportunity to speak with Michelle Gethers-Clark. The phones were ringing and people were coming in and out, but we found time to sit quietly and talk about her life. Michelle has a fascinating story.

I called her story Taking O ff the Golden [ more ]

Embrace Life

By Lisa Thomas

I was sitting in my office today looking at a white sheet of paper. I couldn’t seem to find the words to convey to you, so I just sat there staring. The white sheets seemed dark and lonely. What could I place on this lonely page to make it [ more ]

The Power of Vision

The Power of Vision – This 53 min audio uncovers the true value and power of vision. Having vision as a foundation for living makes life easier and provides extreme clarity with regards to your schedule, your choices and your destiny.

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to taking action in [ more ]