The Upside of Anger and How it Fits in Relationships

By Jan Wright

Anger is a natural emotion. For most people, it is not desirable to be angry and it is not desirable to anger the person whom you are in a relationship with. But, it is an essential ingredient in relationship building. Now, I know that many would disagree with me, [ more ]

There are Friends…There are Lover’s and then, There’s What We Have

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Dare to create a relationship that has new meaning. Think outside of the box and open yourself up to what can be. Most relationships have rules and regulations that hinder the opportunity that relationships provide.

This is an opportunity to “create” your relationship and see where it takes you.

Listen in as [ more ]

Saying I Love You!

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By Lisa Thomas

This past weekend I had the pleasure of witnessing my aunt and uncle as they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My cousins planned a surprise anniversary party and it was absolutely amazing!

 They were indeed surprised. My aunt, not knowing what was on the other side the door, stopped [ more ]

Love is Just a 4-Letter Word or Is It?

Love is an intricate part of relationship. The power of love is infectious and incredibly exciting if you know how to access it and keep it alive.

Listen in as Relationship Coach, Lisa Thomas and Diannia Baty  delve into the world of relationships. How do you truly love another? How do you love [ more ]

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