Making Life Happen With Kim Jacobs

by Lisa Thomas

Wow, what an amazing woman I had the privilege of meeting recently. She and I sat down to discuss her life and how the journey of pursuing her passion and purpose has been a part of her world for quite a while now. The fabulous woman I speaking about [ more ]

9 Ways to Balance Your Work and Life Time

By Dawn M. Kaye

We were playing a game, “What I like best.” I was trying to guess my son’s favorite activity. After a few guesses, I got it correct and asked him, “Now, what is my favorite activity?” He rolled his eyes and said, “That’s easy – work.” Ouch. It was [ more ]

Take off those Golden Handcuffs–Michelle Gethers Clark

It was a busy afternoon when I had an opportunity to speak with Michelle Gethers-Clark. The phones were ringing and people were coming in and out, but we found time to sit quietly and talk about her life. Michelle has a fascinating story.

I called her story Taking O ff the Golden [ more ]

Vision, Work and Family – How Do I Balance It All with Dr. Pat Baccili?

My vision, my work, my family, day to day responsibilities – How can I find Balance?

Join Lisa Thomas and Syndicated Talk show host, Dr. Pat Baccili as they discuss bringing balance to the lives of women who already have a lot to do!

Work, the kids, my vision, laundry, cooking, cleaning [ more ]

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