Marketing Strategies for Your Business

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There are several marketing strategies to fundamentally build a business. The strategies are simple but not always easy, however, if they are coupled with vision, vigor and a little tenacity, both business and life can be enjoyed with ease and results produced with velocity.

Remember as you read these strategies I never [ more ]

Building Wealth from the Inside Out

By Lisa Thomas

From the beautiful island of Taiwan, this incredibly courageous woman took a chance and moved to the United States in pursuit of a higher education and a big vision. I had the privilege of sitting down to speak with Chia – Li Chien. She took me down her path, [ more ]

A Girls Guide to Building a Million Dollar Business

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Join Lisa Thomas as she interviews Susan Solovic the CEO of – small business television the first and only video news and information destination site for America’s small businesses.

Susan began her professional career as a television news anchor and reporter for NBC and CBS affiliates. While working in an executive [ more ]

Vision and Innovation – The Next Level

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In turning passion into to profit, it’s imperative you exercise your innovative spirit. Just as vision is unique to you so will your business. You’ll find that you have a unique selling proposition and you’ll need to be creative and innovative in your ways of marketing, advertising and communicating your offerings.

Be [ more ]

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